Sunday, January 8, 2017

On snow, and the just punishment of Portland

i've come to love the mythic nature snow has risen to here in the Pacific Northwest.

Strange little beliefs
  • That it's a holocaust
  • That it removes all knowledge of previous visits
  • That affixation of fetishes is required for safe voyage
  • That it's caustic and any influence requires immediate abandonmen

i was dumbfounded hearing that Portland drivers would spin out on the ice, and then just leave their cars wherever they stopped. They didn't hit anything, their cars weren't damaged, they just left. The funniest cases were those that would call Uber after doing so.
This isn't even a smug tale of growing up in snow that makes this look like a idealistic Christmas card, it's just an awe of a people that can't deal, that haven't learned to not panic over something that happens nearly every year.
The snow has become an angry god, maybe the people of Portland know they have sinned.

Ah well, the cold uncaring landscape is my habitat, my home. Welcome to the magic of the frozen wastes.

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