Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goonies 'R' Good Enough for Biff

Cydni Lauper :3

Earlier this month was the 25th Anniversay of The Goonies.

i didn't go to any of the big events with the few stars that bothered to show up. (Cheers to Feldmen for convincing Astin he should come)
Instead i just checked out the town and took some goonie pictures, and had a good time.

Those kids sure rode their bikes a long way to get here.

Andy leaves Brad for Sloth


It's not a TUMAH!
It is however just down the street from the Goonie House.

ORV... bullet holes...

I also bought a bootleg shirt to honour One Eyed Willie, the only pirate to make it Oregon.
Well, other than me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

futurama returns!

so when i first heard that futurama was returning to tv, i wondered how they were going to explain away the end of the last movie.
i figured it'd go either one of two ways:

1. it gets explained away at the beginning of the episode
2. the first episode is a parody of lost in space

well it turns out it was neither really, they explained it away with a teaser:

FuturamaWeeknights, 9p/8c
New Episodes on Comedy Central
Futurama New EpisodesFuturama New EpisodesUgly Americans

to be fair though, they did the same to announce the movies, so this will likely be the beginning of the first episode.

however thinking about this made me realize it's been two years since i reviewed the first two movies, and over a year since the last movie came out.
so with the show returning this month, now is as good as time as any.

bender's game

while i genuinely enjoyed the first two movies (bender's big score is by far one the greatest things futurama has done) this is where the movies started to suffer. it's not that writing was bad, or that the characters were off, it's just that trying to split a movie so that it can be played as four episodes completely ruins the flow. the really annoying part of this is that comedy central played all four episodes in a row everytime the episodes were played. which begs the question, why did they make them split them into episodes in the first place?
so other than the episodic issue, another is that lord of the ring parodies have been done to death. i mean the D&D stuff was kind of funny, every time bender said he was a "fancy man of cornwood" was gold, but another parody of those movies, really? there were plenty of great gags not involving lord of the ring though, "we're owl exterminators!" and other the eviscerator were hilarious. there were some lazy jokes though like "oh hey men find the three stooges funny, women like sex and city" it's not a joke, it's not even a funny observation.
entertaining to a point, but mostly disappointing. hopefully something comes from the revelation of farnworth's son.

into the wild green yonder

while the episodic formula hurt bender's game, it god damn ruined this movie. it's such a mess it's hard to piece together everything that happens, fry becomes psychic and hangs with bums, leela and other women become violent activists, fry works for amy's dad to spy on an evil threat came from mars, humanity is doomed. some other stuff.
i don't know.
more important than that, i can't recall any funny gags, i mean fry thinking he was the bad guy was a nice moment, however it was nothing to laugh over.
leela and fry kissing at the end was nowhere near as powerful as the end of the series, or the real identity of lars, it was just thrown in for fanservice, which is bad and it should feel bad.

bender's big score and the beast with a billion backs are gold, however bender's game and into the wild green yonder are painfully flawed bender's game is good for a few gags at least.
that said, the sins are forgivable since the show is coming back to tv later this month.
and that is good news indeed.



new iamamiwhoami videos always make me :3

so far we have b o u n
we can assume there will be six letters.

bounce, bounty, bounds?

good times.