Friday, February 26, 2010

well now i am impressed.

so i first heard this song about three years ago, when the else was coming out.
and honestly, i wasn't that impressed, it didn't seem to match up from what i was used to from them.
since then however, i've started listening to they might be giants fairly regularly, picking up a few of their albums along the way.
and i came across this song again last week while watching their videos on youtube, and you know, it's been stuck in my head ever since.
so kudos for staying awesome they might be giants, kudos indeed.

Monday, February 22, 2010

don't stop the sandman

because sometimes, you just need to fuckin' rock!

mandragora officinarum

new video from iamamiwhoami!
so in this one our mysterious blond is laying eggs like some sort of frog.
a dog barks at her, she barks back.
bouncy eggs, llama, hanging strawberries, (remember the cake back in video 3?)
fairly goofy video, the last shot is creepy though.
sadly the least interesting musically, but hey new video, i'm excited.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

godspeed you! black emperor vs thomas bruso

this is haunting.

this old guy is intense coupled with the powerful, amazing cover.
it's similar to something godspeed would do, if they ever hear it i hope they appreciate it.
kudos to whoever put it together.
beautiful how it infinitely loops, always changing.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

malaikat dan singa

or, arrington de dionyso's malaikat dan singa, if you want to be technical.
this the the lead singer of old time relijun's new project.
this band wasn't completely different in sound, however it did have a few distinctions.
namely far more throat singing and lyrics in indonesian.
meaning all the lyrics are in indonesian, because hey, why not?

as the animation tries to capture, arrington is quiet the entertainer.
i saw old time relijun years ago in a dark and spanish basement, he promised to take us on a journey to another world.
and i can assure you, he kept that promise.

this show was good, it was a bit too odd though, too hip, too ironic.
it was still damn entertaining, and definitely something worth seeing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

la roux

i randomly stumbled across this chick earlier this month, and you know, i really dig this song:

her other stuff i haven't been as crazy about, but it's growing on me.
i'm even starting to like her conan o'brien to the max hair.

i finally remembered to post this about her, because while following rumours about iamamiwhoami, i found out chris cunningham is supposed to direct an upcoming video of la roux's.
i say upcoming because if it is true, it's not on the internets yet.

she really quite reminds me of tegan and sara at times.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


new video from iamamiwhoami.
speculation rages on, some people still convinced it's aguilera or gaga, new guesses have it being norwegian margaret berger, and interestingly enough poe, who did just win the legal battles she's been in.
it would be interesting to hear where she's gone since haunted.

the videos themselves have been teasing with a simple number cypher. in order: = E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N.A.L
9.1.13. =
I.A.M. =
I.T.S.M.E. =

of course each title also has numbers that don't follow this chyper.

shame i suck at decoding.

the imagery of these videos is interesting, the living and sexual plants, the odd dirty female could be a mandrake if the newest title means anything.
being born of filth and making love with trees, her spinning on the ejaculating stump at the end of the newest video is hilarious. they're all tagged with things of nature, reproduction and birth, and disciple interestingly enough.

we're dealing with forces we don't understand!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


odd viral videos that have been around for a few months, and i do love me some viral marketing.
the number one guess seems to be christina agulera, who has a new cd coming out in a few months.
that would be really surprising, however she claims the first single off it is a throwback to vogue, so it seems unlikely that it would be her.

other rumours say it's lady gaga, and while the chick in the video does kind of look like her, it just doesn't sound or feel like her, wouldn't shock me though.

other guesses are goldfrapp (who, *gasp* worked on agulera's latest album) but their new single doesn't match up to any of this, and other various bands like the the knife, fever ray, and oddly enough even aphex twin, and MGMT.

oh look another reason to mention phytophilia in my blog.

i have no guess as to what it's about, so i'm just going to sit back and enjoy the trippy scapes.


i knew it was going to end like this, but i really hoped it wouldn't.

Monday, February 8, 2010

many much goosen

has anyone seen the birds?
because, i've heard good things...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


this movie is better than any action movie has business being.
seriously, i didn't watch it until now, because i just expected it to be a fairly entertaining action flick.
and while it's not fine art, it's as close as an action movie of this style can get.

it has a cliche story, hit man wanting to retires, getting double crossed, and so on.
but it's presented in a very unique and entertaining way.
and because of the poison, this is one of the few movies that lives up to "nonstop action" that so many promise.
fun story, brilliantly presented, kick-ass soundtrack, i mean seriously, refused and rocket from the crypt? fuck yes.
so yes, i eagerly look forward to the future projects of neveldine/taylor.
crank: high voltage and gamer are already in my queue,

five out of five