Wednesday, February 3, 2010


this movie is better than any action movie has business being.
seriously, i didn't watch it until now, because i just expected it to be a fairly entertaining action flick.
and while it's not fine art, it's as close as an action movie of this style can get.

it has a cliche story, hit man wanting to retires, getting double crossed, and so on.
but it's presented in a very unique and entertaining way.
and because of the poison, this is one of the few movies that lives up to "nonstop action" that so many promise.
fun story, brilliantly presented, kick-ass soundtrack, i mean seriously, refused and rocket from the crypt? fuck yes.
so yes, i eagerly look forward to the future projects of neveldine/taylor.
crank: high voltage and gamer are already in my queue,

five out of five

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