Saturday, January 30, 2010

sherlock holmes

oh look, more guy ritchie!
this movie was way better than i thought it would be. the atmosphere is amazing: the sets, the costumes, the athletics, the soundtrack, especially the soundtrack:

well done mr. zimmer. i read a quote from him about working on the soundtrack, he purposely sought out a broken piano and did hideous things to it.

the movie itself is really fun, robert downey and jude law are great together, the story for not being based on any of the books was actually quite similar in structure to the stories. it's one of more amusing takes on sherlock holmes.
so yes, i really enjoyed it. there are a few minor gripes, like the bits with the dog weren't really funny, just stupid, and while it was nice they didn't overdue it, it would have been nice to see the detective vision one more time.
i really hope to see a sequel to this, could be a fun series.

four out of five

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