Thursday, January 14, 2010

burn hollywood burn

this movie has the reputation of being one of the worst movies of all time.
plan 9 from outer space did better than this movie.
and it honestly doesn't deserve this rough treatment.

i first saw this movie, about ten years ago, it was on some movie channel in the middle of the night, and i loved it.
i watched it again today, and i while it wasn't as good as a i remembered, it was no where near the worst movie i've ever seen.

it's an insider movie, making fun of hollywood, and hollywood making fun of itself.
and i tend to like insider things, i'm one of eleven people that enjoy ambush bug.

so the story is, the studio picks this nerdy film editor to direct a big budget action film, they pick him because they know he'd be easy to control. the studio cuts his film, and he deems it as shit, so he kidnaps the reels and goes into hiding.
the director is played by eric idle, and the movie he was directing trio, was a cop movie staring sylvester stallone, whoopi goldberg, and jackie chan. the interviews with them were some of the best parts, nice to see stallone has a sense of humour about himself. and the directors that he goes into hiding with are played by chuck d and coolio.
cameos abound, hell this movie even has harvey weinstein playing a joe friday type character.

this movie had an excellent idea, and a lot of potential, but it did lack in a lot of ways.
i loved how ridiculous it was, however the end seemed very thrown together at the last second.

in the film the director's name is alan smithee, and it used to be, that if a director disowned a movie, that's the name they'd use. and it's funny because the director of this movie hated the final cut so much he wanted his name off, and originally i just thought it was part of the joke.

the story is still fun, and who doesn't agree with the sentiment:

three out of five

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