Wednesday, January 20, 2010


in the never ending quest to expand my music consumption, i picked up a few interesting albums recently.

first off boris

this song isn't actually on the album i picked up, however after discovering them through the soundtrack of the limits of control, that video on youtube convinced me that they were definitely worth checking out.

next up, TUSK

i discovered them at a listening booth in a portland record store years ago, i really dug it, but ultimately decided to get something else that day. and i never really saw the album anywhere else. this past weekend i went back to that record store, and they had it in stock. thank you jackpot records.

based on those two selections, they even gave me a southern lord promo cd.
a friend of mine made a joked that listening to these bands, i wasn't going to be able to stay straight edge.
i countered if such logic were true, the other album i picked up had a good chance of turning me gay.

i've loved the magnetic fields for years, and always put off buying one of their albums for whatever reason. and really this album is far more beautiful than i thought it would be.
shame i couldn't find decent version of i don't believe you, or i thought you were my boyfriend to post, they're by far the best songs on the album.

lastly i picked up some oldschool vinyl for fairly cheap, namely built for speed, which i'm sure everyone is familiar with, and generation x:

the self titled debut of billy idol's old poseur punk band. or well as SLC punk taught us, we're all fucking poseurs. that movie first introduced me to the song kiss me deadly, and i've loved it ever since.

not a bad haul.

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