Saturday, January 9, 2010

there will be blood

why did no one tell me this was a dark comedy? why do most people not talk about it being a dark comedy? did they take the performances seriously? i mean don't get me wrong, day-lewis and dano were both amazing, and day-lewis totally deserved the oscar, but this movie was wacky.
plainview was such an odd character, and eli was a creep, he bothered me far more than plainview did honestly.
i was completely caught off gaurd with this movie, with it's fifteen minute nearly silent opening, the bizarre characters, the interesting soundtrack, the different types of shots.
it was a great character study, the story was interesting, and the end is ambiguous and hilarious.
i put off watching this just because it was sold to me as a serious and hard hitting drama, and it wasn't.
i wasn't rolling on the floor laughing or anything, but it's so over the top at times, i can't help but laugh.
brilliant movie.

four out of five

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