Saturday, January 16, 2010


i think the most amusing part of this movie is that that the section viewed through the eyes of a mentally unstable man is written like a frank miller comic.
SHOCKING, i know.

so we've got a story that's about what you believe in, and how real that makes it.
there's the real world, and the steampunk world, known as "meanwhile city"

that said, i'm not sure this movie makes all that much sense, so we've got the two lost people that need to meet, the heart broken baxter has his imaginary friend from childhood slightly guiding him along, and the suicidal art student has a magical russian janitor. because that's never been done before.
then there's the crazy dude trying to kill his religious father, believing that his father killed his sister, because it was the way of god.
and that's all fine and dandy, but the janitor and the imaginary friend, who got horribly torn out of reality, don't really fit in to either the real world, or meanwhile back in frank miller berg.
it really bothers me how the imaginary friend was torn away, the clip is there in the trailer, she just looks so frightened.
and the janitor just disappears offscreen and leaves his mop behind. lenívyj.
it was a fairly entertaining movie, easy to figure out what was happening, but still as it went on i was getting into it, i did enjoy the fairytale about the storyteller.
and meanwhile city was amusing, i think it still took itself a bit too seriously, but preest had an awesome mask.
i'm all about awesome masks.

three out of five

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