Saturday, January 9, 2010

up in the air

honestly, i didn't like thank you for smoking, and i avoided juno on principle. however jason reitman has managed to pique my interest with this movie.
the story itself is fairly basic and predictable, however it's told really well.
i think what works is that it all comes across real, the documentary type responses from the people getting fired was a nice touch.
clooney's character is a bit ridiculous, but we can relate to him, feel bad for him, envy him, you do end up invested in his character, and that's rare in most movies.
it's well acted, well directed, clooney is dreamy.... it's a good movie is what i'm saying.
go see it if you haven't.
also it's got a cameo by sam elliott, the dude abides.

four out of five

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