Tuesday, January 26, 2010


and odd philosophical crime drama staring, andré 3000, pussy, and... jason statham.
it's not a perfect movie, but it's not horribly flawed either.

it concerns a man (statham), that after being wrongly imprisoned for seven years, gets out and decides to make a fortune and get revenge on the man that put him in prison.
andré and pussy play mysterious loansharks, that take statham in, protecting him from his enemy's henchmen, all the while humiliating him and bleeding him dry of his money.
a lot of it also has to do with a secret formula statham learned in prison, a formula for running the perfect con.

what the movie is really about is the the elimination of the ego. our ego is our true enemey because we believe the ego to be who we are. any enemy we think we have, our perceived enemies, are someone that have damaged our ego.
andré and pussy turn out to be the two mystery men statham was locked up with solitary, this is no big shocker, and it turns out they've been humiliating him and making him give away his money so he'd learn his real enemy is his ego, not the guy that got him thrown in prison.

the antagonist (other than the ego) is played by ray liotta, he's the contrast to what statham becomes, he's entirely ego. and he fears the ultimate crime boss, mr. gold, who doesn't even really exist, he's an idea used to control those that fear, those that buy into the ego.

it wasn't as deep or arty, although i'm not sure guy ritchie was trying to make it be, it was however interesting and entertaining.

three and a half out of five

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