Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the limits of control

i saw a trailer for this movie not quite a year ago, and instantly knew i needed to see it.
unfortunately it never came to any theaters around here.

and while the movie really isn't what i was expecting, i absolutely loved it.

this movie is nearly universally hated, and i understand it not being everyone's cup of tea.
however that doesn't change that it's brilliant.

on the surface it's about a hitman going through a series of contacts to get to his target.

really the movie is all repetition and symbolism. discussions of philosophy and the value of life.
and apparently la vida non vale nada

the movies goes like this: the hitman looks at some art, and then meets someone that corresponds to that art, cubist violin = the man with the violin case. a nude painting of a woman = a naked woman in his bed.
they all say the same things, yet share their own interests, film, music, science, sex, drugs...

the importance of all this is of course based on the ideas of william s. burroughs.
words are control.

the only real conversation seems to be with the american, played by murray, who was watching everything from the sky in a black helicopter. and he's just trying to convince the hit man that he's seeing it all wrong, his mind is polluted from all this art and science, and killing him won't give them control over some artifical reality, as the artists don't know how the real world works.

the important part is right there in the trailer, how did he get to bill murray? he used his imagination. something that can never be controlled.

and it being a jarmusch film, the soundtrack is sublime. it's sparsely used, but creates this amazing musical landscape. it rival's neil young's work on dead man.

it's slow and odd, and i understand why most people would hate it.
but it's beautiful fucking art.

five out of five

He who thinks he is bigger than the rest,
must go to the cemetery,
there he will see what the world is really like—
it is a handful of dirt.

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