Friday, January 1, 2010

2. change


and here it is, the last album by one of my favourite bands.

everything about the dismemberment plan is amazing. the lyrics, the music, all four albums of theirs are in heavy rotation, and all have songs that have emotional ties of events in my past, or just a reminder of best friends.
this album was a brilliant one to go out on, it's amazing to listen to their evolution from "!" to this.
i mean of course this was their only album to come out in in the past 10 years so it got in by default, however that doesn't change that this is my favourite album of theirs.
sentimental man is beautiful, we've all had a relationship like the one in the face of the earth, but the metaphor is great, and the music is interesting, superpowers is a haunting "no one is going to save the world with what i've got"
ellen and ben always cracks me up, as it's basically the song they end their career on. i actually knew a couple like ellen and ben, only one day the moved away and not too many people heard from them again.
i just enjoy how it's about this odd relationship he seems moderately annoyed with, and then cuts in with facts about his life, the planes (a big theme in this album) and hanging with his nephew. it kind of sounds like he had a thing for ellen, which could explain why he wants to be part of the story. it's real.
like i said, this album seems to mention planes, flying, airports, and the like quite a bit, and that's the thing, listening to this album is like going on a trip, you're always somewhere different when you're finished listening to it.
the cover and title sum it up nicely.

there's no heaven and there's no hell

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