Tuesday, February 9, 2010


odd viral videos that have been around for a few months, and i do love me some viral marketing.
the number one guess seems to be christina agulera, who has a new cd coming out in a few months.
that would be really surprising, however she claims the first single off it is a throwback to vogue, so it seems unlikely that it would be her.

other rumours say it's lady gaga, and while the chick in the video does kind of look like her, it just doesn't sound or feel like her, wouldn't shock me though.

other guesses are goldfrapp (who, *gasp* worked on agulera's latest album) but their new single doesn't match up to any of this, and other various bands like the the knife, fever ray, and oddly enough even aphex twin, and MGMT.

oh look another reason to mention phytophilia in my blog.

i have no guess as to what it's about, so i'm just going to sit back and enjoy the trippy scapes.

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