Tuesday, August 5, 2008


after finishing up batmanga, it only makes sense to move onto this!
i have to say i quite enjoyed it, "have i got a story for you" is a premise that is always fun, and robatman was good times for all.
"field test" and "working through the pain" were definitely the best. field test was great simply for batman getting a compromise between the the two mobs, knowing that getting them thrown in jail won't do any good. great characterization of batman, helping the injured mobster and ultimately deciding putting his life on the line was worth it. although the best defining moment i've ever seen for batman was at the end of "working through the pain" kudos to brian azzarello for hitting that note, it's hard to express how right he got it. which really reminds me that i need to find a copy of broken city.
"deadshot" was interesting, if not a bit anticlimactic, "crossfire" wasn't bad, however the only thing i was impressed with is how bulletproof that car was, i really did like the idea of all the freed "psychos" running around the island though. "in darkness crawls" was probably my least favourite. the element of killer croc was just random and didn't really lead anywhere, i didn't find the scarecrow hallucinations to be up to par, batman seemed to not care that he killed all the henchmen (come on, he barely escapes himself!) the ending was a nice moment though.
overall good times.
i haven't watched all the extras yet, on the bonus disk there are some episodes of the animated series picked by bruce timm, heart of ice, while a good episode i've seen far too many times, i am the night was a nice touching episode i hadn't seen in awhile, i also love the oldschool gangster bad guy "jazzman". legends of the dark knight is an episode long after i had stopped watching the cartoon, yet it was fun to see the old campy batman compared to frank miller's batman, and seeing an animated version of "the dark knight returns" was just crazy. over the edge i didn't like at all, it made no sense, and how i hate dick when he has a mullet. i guess they can't all be winners though.

with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly
 sigur rós - með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
ah sigur rós, one of the many great bands i discovered back in the napster days of yore
i realized the greatness of this band after hearing the sublime beauty of "star

they've had some quite memorable videos to go along with their beautiful and haunting music:

and do yourself a favour, head over to the band's myspace and listen to gobbledigook, the use of stereo like that always makes me happy.
and while i may love "Ágætis byrjun" the most due to it's sentimentality and beauty, i do believe this band is one of the few that gets better with every album.

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