Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my first comic

back in the mists of the early nineties, my grandmother found a ten year old comic, and gave it to a six year old me!
i still have it, so here are some scans.

marvel two in one 92

i like that the inker is listed as a. sorted.
at six i had a vague idea of the the thing and fantastic four,
machine man and jocasta however, i knew nothing about. and still know very little!
the story is nice enough to include some back history on jocasta though.

there's some fun stuff in this comic.

here it introduces the idea that love is blind, that's right horrible monsters of the world, you too kind find love in the form of blind people! cynicism aside, it's a sweet and ridiculous scene, look at the flame heart!

let's get some more back history here, hank pym creates ultron, then ultron decides to make a robotic wife and copies the brain waves of the wasp, pym's wife. hence the name jocasta. as for the spousal abuse, i guess he takes after pym. (which is weird, and also terrible)

oh 1980's and your atari video games. is machine man this fun every time he's written?
i never have read the next issue, the internet tells me that jocasta is the one that dies though.
do robot women count for women in refrigerator syndrome? seriously, she gets ignored by the avengers, loses her powers, slapped around by ultron, and then killed. shame, i feel she could be an interesting character, if only they weren't trying to get her to out mope marvin.

abuse aside, it's a pretty fun issue. so i thank tom defalco for writing a fun story, introducing me to comics.

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