Thursday, October 23, 2008

alan arkin vs. christopher lee

also known as the age old struggle

this is from the 1983 movie "the return of captain invincible"
this film has a brilliant story, music that sometimes works, and hey it's freakin' superhero musical!
and if the internet is to be believed, this is one of terry pratchett's favourite films.

as for the brilliant story line, it involves the super hero, captain invincible (obviously) who was active in the forties, you know the golden age of superheroes. when the fifties and mccarthyism rolls around he gets accused be being a communist for his red cape, and viewed as suspect because not only does he fly without a license, he also runs around in his underpants! in public!

in a world twenty years after the watchmen, this story may sound pretty humdrum, but back in 1983 that was a pretty ground breaking idea was it not?

after this he goes into retirement, and decades later when evil is afoot, he's forced to come back, to fight the ultimate evil, christopher lee; in the guise of mr. midnight.

captain invincible is not without his flaws, he's an alcoholic, which mr. midnight knows exactly how to play.

this movie just looks plain fun.
i hope i'll be able to track down a copy, for it will have to hold me over until a batman musical is made.

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