Monday, December 8, 2008

biff boulder is a real boy.

for the past few weeks i've been listening to the original case recording of the musical spring awakening. unfortunately i missed out on the tour when it came through portland, but the music is enough to make up for my loss (cheaper too!)
spring awakening is a musical about teens in the late 1800's exploring sexuality in a repressive society. fun stuff, and the music is quite modern and "alternative"

in fact listening to the music has reminded me of a band i've been listening to the past few years
say anything

i suppose it should be fair to note that say anything's first album " a real boy" was originally invisioned as a rock opera about a boy (the lead singer of the band i imagine) who was put under a spell that forced him to tell the truth all the time, hence the pinocchio allusion.

the song that got me into say anything is one title "alive with the glory of love"
it's a unique song in that it's about love and lust in a jewish ghetto during world war two.

the song that got me into spring awakening would be "i don't do sadness"
about a character contemplating suicide.
good times.

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