Friday, October 31, 2008

anything can happen!

happy halloween

Thursday, October 23, 2008

alan arkin vs. christopher lee

also known as the age old struggle

this is from the 1983 movie "the return of captain invincible"
this film has a brilliant story, music that sometimes works, and hey it's freakin' superhero musical!
and if the internet is to be believed, this is one of terry pratchett's favourite films.

as for the brilliant story line, it involves the super hero, captain invincible (obviously) who was active in the forties, you know the golden age of superheroes. when the fifties and mccarthyism rolls around he gets accused be being a communist for his red cape, and viewed as suspect because not only does he fly without a license, he also runs around in his underpants! in public!

in a world twenty years after the watchmen, this story may sound pretty humdrum, but back in 1983 that was a pretty ground breaking idea was it not?

after this he goes into retirement, and decades later when evil is afoot, he's forced to come back, to fight the ultimate evil, christopher lee; in the guise of mr. midnight.

captain invincible is not without his flaws, he's an alcoholic, which mr. midnight knows exactly how to play.

this movie just looks plain fun.
i hope i'll be able to track down a copy, for it will have to hold me over until a batman musical is made.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

new shirt


Intolerant society rears it's ugly face
you're turning your native music into a homophobic disgrace
the gay ones, the straight ones, the white tan yellow and black
gay rude boys and girls, we're gonna take that dancehall back
we'll take it back!
because without respect there's gonna be nothing left

ah leftover crack. one of my favourite bands for the past eight years.
this shirt is amazing, not only is a great message, but also because it's going to freak people out.
(as if i didn't get enough odd looks for wearing pink shirts, omg, right?!?!)
one of the reasons i've always loved the band is their use of shock to get attention.
here are some of their other shirts:

and let us not forget the cover of their amazing album from 2004:

the shirt obviously wasn't just created for shock value though (they do tend to have reasons behind their shenanigans)
in fact i'm fairly certain this shirt was created in response to proposition 8 in california.

as you can read in this interview the song was written in response to homophobic tendencies over at hell cat records. which is really fucking disappointing.
i did always wonder about the op. ivy references, so while "lint" may be a homophobic disgrace, i'd like to think jesse michaels would be better than that.

it's great that leftover crack tackles this issue, as it's something most people won't touch.
there's so much ignorance out there, i can't express how sick it makes me that using "gay" as an insult is generally accepted and embraced in our society.
here's a great article about the book "guyland: the perlious world were boys become men"
deals with issues of manhood and how society views being gay and not masculine.
great band, fun shirt, and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

and let it be known

that i have a crush on stephanie courtney.

who is stephanie courtney you might ask?
"shut your mouth!" i would reply!

she was also the voice of tom's wife joy.

however, she's probably more well known as "flo" the progressive cashier with the tricked out name-tag.

the progressive commercials reminded a friend of me well before i mentioned my crush.
true story.
what can i say, i'm a sucker for the funny, quirky, and cute.