Friday, March 13, 2009

love is a battlefield... and so is the parking lot

so i had a recent post about obtaining one of my musical holy grails.
listening through it a number of times i've noticed something quite interesting.
namely the first song "crimewave to your heart" and the last song "backseat sleeper"

now "crimewave to your heart" is the end of bonnie and clyde romance.
and it's got some amazing lyrics "our affection breeds insurrection"
that's just beautiful.
however i found it interesting to start the album on a song about an ending.

crimewave to your heart
young and crushed at each others touch
it is a battle plan
your hair brushed my face as we took the place
pulled guns and made our demands
our affection breeds insurrection
it's a simple shot so let's go, go, go
it's the 5th of may you could call it fate
our love written in blood
without a sound you shot the clerk down after he tripped the alarm
we moved too slow look out the window, it's twenty-5 cop cars
came out shooting and ducked behind your car
had enough time to put a new clip in as a hail of bullets flew overhead
already 5 cops dead
before we started firing again
no matter what we win
we're the closest that we've ever been
i've been dead 5 years
i think i should know
can still feel the bullet
that tore out my throat
you held my hand
behind your black sedan and said
i will always be yours and you will always be mine
now it's crime
you stood up to run across the parking lot
and got shot 5 times i looked into your dead eyes
and knew i'd never get out alive
our blood mixes on the pavement
we knew this is what forever meant forever

"this is what forever meant", indeed. i love it.
the last song on this album however seems to be the start of this relationship.

backseat sleeper
the steering wheel is melting in my hands
and i think you understand that we've abandoned all our plans
the gun is still warm
the blood is not yours
but it's all over your shirt so ditch it in the dirt
faster faster hit the gas left lane is ours
everybody else gets passed
my pure sweet adariana and i will never die
true and two (truant two) stay awake
have not slept for a thousand hours
you can take a nap in the back
hold me now, sweeten the heart attack
salvation might come in many forms
i hope that ours an engine so let's drive up to the shore
this is too say anything to be true
when the movie comes out who do you want to play you
burn burning asphalt blurring
peals of laughter hit the ceiling
now i'm reeling
revealing two teens turned into a great team
do you know what i mean
yeah yeah you and me
let's sleep for days
then drive down to the ocean's waves
this hotel room is getting old
but your kisses refuses to turn cold
crustaceans and the fish awake
it's an imaginary chase
salt water
i will love you this summer
we'll have a really good time
while i'm a total wreck inside
and then with one quick spin
she explodes behind my grin
i can't do anything without your state of being
i can't feel anything except your eyes on me

so it does seem to be a story of things going wrong and leading to a crime spree.
the thing that's interesting is that this then makes the album an infinite loop, the same couple getting killed and starting over and over again.
the rest of the songs on the album just seem to be about teen love, unrequited love, and general angst.
the last bit of "backseat sleeper" however wasn't in the lyrics, and it's always been a favourite verse of mine, a bit of a pirate theme if you will.

i sailed a ship, across the sea
on a foreign shore, that's where you'll find me
leading a life of crime, i'll be happy there until the day that i die
on the floor, or did i love you more
it's a simple debt, that i simply can't ignore
so if a thought must be kept
remember that one summer when we never slept
and if the sun rises
then the sun must set

so yes, if you want to check out the band algebra one i highly recommend "the keep tryst ep"
as it's an amazing piece of music, their other ep "conscious pilot" is worth checking out as well. it was the last thing they did, so it's more refined and the eleven minute "reverb" is just art.

i'm not sure what happend after this band, the leadsinger went on to form the costal drag, who put out one great ep and then disappeared.
back in the 90's they were just teenages singing about teenage dreams, and i often wonder this music would mean as much to me if i hadn't discovered it as a teen.
ah well, good music is good music, and it should be shared.


lolo said...

Was there a link to this? I couldn't find it. I've been looking for this forever. Good job!

captenbligh said...

thank you so much for the crimewave lyrics, ive been looking for them for so long