Friday, May 8, 2009

the 90s

the nineteen nineties were odd, and i miss the music.
here's the twenty most interesting one hit wonders i grew up listening to.

laid - james

i once told a girl this song was always lurking in the back of my mind, she replied that made her want to pick around in my mind.
'nuff said

cannonball - the breeders

ex pixies reggae song.... or something. great song!

natural one - the folk implosion

it's so odd, and awesome, you can't go wrong with lou barlow.

flagpole sitta - harvey danger

no working link to this one i'm afraid. although i'm sure you all know it by heart. this song contains one of my favourite lines of all time "if you're bored then you're boring"
i would salute if it were to run it up a flagpole.

six underground - sneaker pimps

much like "laid" this song is often somewhere in my mind. i would however always forget the name, fortunately this song is what made me start this list and i haven't forgotten it since i started brainstorming.

unbelievable - emf

it's a shame this sound never caught on. these guys had talent, shame they never had another hit.
this is my favourite song by them.

good - better than ezra

this song was everywhere in the 90s, it reminds me of trips to salt lake city. it also brought about the great joke, "what if less than jake was better than ezra?"

mmm mmm mmm mmm - crash test dummies

those wacky canadians.
when i was fourteen they had another odd song i quite enjoyed

never was a hit here in america though.

possum kingdom - toadies

one of the best songs about vampires.

in the meantime - spacehog

this is just one of those iconic 90s songs.

stars - hum

whatever happened to space rock and shoegaze?

sex and candy - marcy playground

mmm disco lemonade, and when i was a young teen this song was dirty, i mean it comes right out and says "sex" egads! saw these guys live at their peak, first show i ever went to alone, opened up for everclear, ah eleven years ago, i was so young.

save tonight - eagle-eye cherry

i learned to play this song on guitar just to make the girlies swoon.

would you go to bed with me? - touch and go

as a girl once said to me, "well, that's direct"

where have all the cowboys gone - paula cole

lalalala dawson creek song doesn't exist.

i disliked this song greatly as a kid, pretty much because my mom overplayed the hell out of it.
now that i'm older i recognize that is has a unique sound, and it makes me miss the pissed off chick music of the 90s.
speaking of...

drop dead gorgeous - republica

kind of cheating with this one, ready to go was their big hit, i just heard this one first, and i like it more.

saffron was totally hotter in this video anyway.

battle flag - lo fidelity allstars

this song is just a remix of this song of the same name. and what an amazing remix it is.
one thing though, i honestly prefer the censored version.

low - cracker

nobody wants to be a disgraced cosmonaut (although i for one would rather sail the cosmos than the stars)
this song still gets radio play, because it's that damn good.

circles - soul coughing

kind of cheating with this one as well, i suppose super bon bon, was a hit as well, possibly even bigger, this song just found me as i was developing a good taste in music i suppose, and i keep el oso in regular rotation. even though he mellowed out, mr. doughty still puts out awesome music.

better days - citizen king

and what better way to to end this than with a great song from 1999?
much like emf, i'm sad this is a sound that never caught on, "mobile estates" is an album worth listening to.
and researching this list i was excited to find the lead singer has a new band.
if the internet is to be believed anyway.

trying to find videos for this was more frustrating that it should have been.
what exactly would record companies be losing by letting people embed videos?

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