Friday, July 3, 2009

repo! the genetic opera

now this is an interesting movie, the trailer tells you all you need to know, not too distant future (somewhere in time and space), organ repossession, cyberpunk dystopia, corporate rule, and good times all around.
and you know, it's a rock opera, hells yeah.
it stares giles, (whom we all know has an awesome singing voice from a few episodes of buffy), the girl from spy kids, even the dude from skinny puppy has a role!
(the design of his character is frightening, and by far my favourite, although blind mag is a close second)

as for the movie itself, interesting story, fun and frightening world, great music, amazing atmosphere and art direction. i love it. simply put, it's fucking amazing.

the only complaint i have is with the comic book images seen in the trailer. now while there's nothing wrong with the drawings, or the music playing in the background, they're just there to provide background information about characters, which, after the comic has finished gets explained to us again in a musical number... so you know, while they're cool to look at, i doubt that people that have trouble following a story through song are going to watch this odd musical in the first place.
all the amazing stuff obviously outweighs the redundant comics, and hey, paris hilton's face falls off.
how many movies can boast that?


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