Monday, August 10, 2009

big in japan

so on a recent road trip to arizona, i picked up a lot of music, some by new bands, some by bands that are long gone, but most importantly it was all music that was new to me.
the top two bands i got into would have to be fu manchu; a band i knew of, but had never actively listened to.
and arizona localsas to what they sound like, i can't think of any obvious comparisons, suggests portland locals boy eats drum machine. which i can kind of hear, although emperors of japan are far harder. the closest band is one i'd never heard of before, the scottish black arc. not bad at all. the rest of the suggestions are russian, it seems the emperors of japan is a russian band as well.
obviously the best way to get a grasp of the band is to listen to them for yourself.

i do love discovering excellent bands by chance.

it gets better than some songs on myspace and a youtube video however. on their official website, they actually offer their first two albums as free downloads.
as they explain:

"we want you to download our music. this might seem like a radical concept, and that is absolutely our intention.
there is no set cost for you to download anything. we only ask that you share this link with anyone that might be interested."

and so there we have it, i discovered this band i really dig, and decided to share them with you.
don't you feel special?
definitely download their first two albums, you can't argue with free, and you'll enjoy if you like good music.

until next time space cowboys.

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Tony said...

hi. this is tony from emperors of japan. thanks for the kind words about us. i don't know why so many of our suggested bands on are russian. chalk it up to glastnost, i guess.

we're glad you like the music, and thanks for pimping the link to our website for the free downloads. we did just release a brand new album called ice queen (warning: shameless marketing) so if anyone is hankering to support us you can buy it on itunes or email us through the website or via myspace and we can sell you one directly for cheap.