Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Fairly well done modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Great acting, i love the updates like the nicotine patches and texting. And hey, Arthur Dent!
Moffat has some clever dialogue in here, he's great with dialogue, but seems to lack the mystery chops. The Sherlock Holmes books were told from the point of view of Watson. And while Watson is quite clever, he's no Holmes, so he'd never fully know what was going on.
In this story Holmes just misses the glaringly obvious so the story can go on. i knew it was the cab driver once it turned out the passenger was just some tourist, i mean come on, there's no reason for Sherlock or Watson to have not thought of that. Not realizing the location of the phone was a bit annoying as well.
Since they never revealed the secret of the pills i'm going to assume they took a page from The Princess Bride.
The Mycroft reveal was nice, however i had guessed it, which makes me wonder if Moffat writes things he thinks are clever, or if he writes things for people to figure out so they think they're clever.
Could've done without the high functioning sociopath line as well. "I'm a sociopath now, sociopaths are cool." Yeah, thanks Dexter.
Other than those minor quibbles, it was really entertaining. Much like how i enjoyed the detective view in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, i rather enjoyed the text clues that came up while Sherlock was investigating.
I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series and am pleased to hear they're working on a second.

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