Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Losers

Okay so while The Spirit is a horrible film, i felt it was one of the best comic adaptations ever. A horrible adaptation of Will Eisner's comic, but a perfect adaptation of the work of Frank Miller. i mean, it was essentially the Dark Knight Returns on the silver screen, over the top, bad dialogue and goofy villians all the way. i have a love hate obsession with it, it's so painful, and yet so fun.
Anyway, i didn't think there would ever be a more honest translation of comic to movie, and then i saw the Losers:

And amazingly, it's really good.
It's got everything, the stereotypical characters, the cliche story and crazy schemes, the femme fatale (Zoe Saldana, what a babe), and even the Saturday morning cartoon villain.
And it's entertaining all the way through, i was honestly surprised at how fun and well made this movie was.
And it contains this amazing scene which is by far the best use of a Journey song.

four out of five

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