Monday, June 6, 2011

Rock, Man.

Right now i'm taken aback, at how much creativity this little man in blue has spawned.
Back in 198X, did they have any idea when creating the character, when writing the songs?
How do they feel about it all now?

i'm talking about Mega Man inspired music.

The story starts with the Minibosses, an NES themed cover band, turning the beeps and boops we grew up with into epic rock, i had never payed much attention to how surprising good the music from Megaman (or other old videogames) was until these guys covered it.
Check out the ten minute Mega Man 2

The next natural progression would be lyrics, that's right, Mega Man rock with words.
Enter the Megas. The Megas are endlessly entertaining, their album starts out with a song by Mega Man, talking about how he wants to be the one that fights for justice. And then each of the level songs are sung by the boss, giving odd and wonderful emotions to these gimmicky bosses.

"Do you know what it feel like to have been built this way?
With only the power to push others away?"

The bots start out fairly cocky, but ultimately fall. And then there's the self aware Bubbleman, who knows how goofy he is, but is going try his damnedest to take out Mega Man. My favourite moment though, would have to be in Quickman's song the Quick and the Blue:

My circuits slow
I'm not scared anymore
I see the faces of my brothers that have fallen before

Death does wear blue. The album ends with Mega Man contemplating if what he did was right, was he only built to kill and not to do good?
The entire album is very tongue-in-cheek and tons of fun, but writing lyrics to existing music isn't going quite far enough, what about original compositions, based on the world of Mega Man.

Well, meet the Protomen.

The Will of One is a song about Mega Man leaving Dr. Light, and deciding that despite Light's warnings, he is going to fight Wiley, and finish the job that Proto Man had failed at years before.
i'm honestly unsure how to feel about a band turning the story of some old videos into a rock opera, but it is truly epic, and it really fucking rocks.

I've given everything I can, there are no heroes left in man.

Now don't get me wrong, i love the Mega Man series, by far one of the most challenging and fun series to this day, i just never would have believed it would lead to all of this.
Inspiration truly is anywhere you look.

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