Monday, March 19, 2012


Two videos from our mystery artist this time:

In this weeks thrilling episodes, our heroine defeats rape and escapes in an automobile. At least, i think that's what happens.
It is interesting that we seem to be getting more of a narrative, rather than just continued themes and symbolism.
i do like that if you're not paying close attention, it seems like she was defeated in the second video, the raggmopp dragging her off somwhere. However, she's wrapped in the fur of one, and the one pulling her looks rather dejected. Then there's the sideways shots of her in the car, wind from the open window playing with her hair. If you miss those, the shot of the car at the end may be a pleasant surprise, i knew it was for me the first time i watched it!
There's a lot of interesting things going on, the raggmopps suggestive pose on the floor that grants her freedom, the sweaty man trying to hold the creatures back, the woman seeing our heroine falling and walking out on a man in bed. Incidental, but the raggmopp's pose on the hood of the car makes me laugh.
From the samurai armour we can extrapolate she gains strength from her fall.
Dark, but hopeful.

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