Tuesday, April 17, 2012

in due time

iamamiwhoami one again has two new videos, but i really only want to talk about play:

Just seems to be a song unabashedly about the entertainment industry, the rabbit out of the hat, playing on your back and knees, hearts being cheap.

Just that look is fantastic, the cane, the fur coat, the airs of glamour, everything being tattered, the weathered make-up. It's quite tragic. Note that a lightning strike got her to perform like this, and a blow to the back of the head got her to realize what she was doing.

i've been feeling disenchanted, even angry with pop music lately, not the music itself (pop music has been fantastic the past few years) but, with the way it's viewed, the way it's consumed, the way it isn't thought about. It bothers me that people don't like Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe, it's a crime that people call Lana Del Rey a Barbie Doll, and all hate against Ke$ha is just ignorance. Anyway, this video popping up in my youtube feed cheered me up, i'd never seen the horrorshow of entertainment so clearly defined, iamamiwhoami understands what it is to perform.

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