Monday, February 24, 2014

2013 was a mighty fine year.

i'd like to share some of my favourite music from last year.

Tennis Court by Lorde

"It's a new art form, showing people how little we care" Cynicism is the enemy, being detached, apathetic, it's everything wrong with art these days. i don't have too much to say about Lorde, everyone already knows her, and her message, as it appears in every one of her songs. i just feel this is the best off her album.

You Can't Be My Girl by Darwin Deez

When i first saw Darwin, i thought he looked that way because he was playing the loser outsider in this video. but soon found that's how he always looks: "Darwin Deez is a band/guy.  If you go to a Darwin Deez show, you’ll see me on stage with three other instrumentalists/friends.  The music we play is authentic, homegrown, minimal pop/rock that I write from the heart, baby ... i write and play all my songs on a 4 string electric guitar in my own tuning. my parents are baba lovers like pete townshend. lovers of meher baba." The video is quite an interesting message, being super imposed into all these different stock scenes where he doesn't belong, portraying his guitar solo as violence and anger. Just a great lonely guy song. "I think I love you are horrible" is one of my favourite lines in recent memory.

Yeezus by Kanye West

Yes, the entire album. Kayne is the most important living musician right now, and this is by far his best album, only ten tracks long and each one completely devastating. And i mean, just, holy shit.

The Big Dream by David Lynch

Another one where i'll have to go with the entire album. i do especially like the song with Lykke Li that i linked, as it sounds like a missing track from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Though if pressed to choose, i'd have to say The Line it Curves would by my favourite track. Just a real subtle beauty, and Lynch has the voice of angel, and all the horrifying connotations that entails.


Honestly i'm really surprised i didn't put The Mother We Share in my favourite songs from '12, perhaps i felt i discovered it too late. But yes, this Scottish pop group with an adorable lead singer owns. I must admit, i partly chose Lies because the way she pronounces "dirty mind" makes me smile. Though i do love how they combine such a fluttery pop sound with an oppressing cyberpunk feel.

Rise of the Ghostface Killah

Again an entire album, i just felt the title of song was apt as it captures the story of the album, a mob enforcer betrayed by his woman comes back from the dead for revenge, the sound inspired by 1960's Italian horror films. Twelve Reasons To Die is just completely unlike anything else and perfectly captures the atmosphere its trying to recreate.

You're on Fire by They Might Be Giants

While i haven't been sold on the rest of Nanobots, this song is a return to form for TMBG, and this video is cutest damn thing, i mean just check Lauren Lapkus' sweet dance skill.

Try Me by Self Defense Family

This is the best album of 2013.

And lastly, while i don't normally go for parody music, this won me over because it's a perfect parody/tribute of Žižek.
The Perverted Dance by Klemen Slakonja

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