Monday, June 30, 2008

there will be spoilers

so the first half the futurama movies are out, and i couldn't be happier!
one with the reviews of the first two:

bender's big score

scamming nudist aliens with disgusting organs and paradox correcting time travel? where do i sign up?!? this movie starts off two years after we last saw the crew of the planet express, and here we find out they've been fired by the idiotic box corporation! it continues on in this fashion, ("what does this mean to us and our many fans?" asks leela infront of a wall of various electric fans) and even with hermes getting decapitated things are pretty slow until leela starts dating lars and the time travel begins. what follows is the futurama goodness we all know and love, and some horrible damage to the timeline of earth. the ending is very sincere and touching like most of my favourite episodes were (the sting, the devil's hands are idle playthings, luck of the fryish) and i won't ruin it for you here if you haven't seen it.
great movie all around and can't recommend it enough.
also screaming skulls are romantic

the beast with a billion backs

this movie, oh man. the first time i watched it i couldn't get over how disturbing and disgusting it was
in a good way!
i really don't like david cross (his stand up anyway) however he does play some excellent roles, and yivo was perfect for him. yivo is, for those of you not paying attention, a universe raping tentacle monster. okay so you find out he's really an all powerful divinity and loves everything with all of his being, but seriously, those tentacles, oy. while bender's big score had the more serious and heartful ending, this one was just about humour, straight up. i won't ruin the ending of this one either but i saw it coming a mile awhile, hilarious. and bender, bender has some amazing truths in his crazy logic. so if you love bender being bender, tentacles, and robot pirates this movie is for you!
one thing bothers me though, this random blue hand that keeps popping up, it seems it's supposed to represent the hand of "our" universe but it's never really explained. it's just odd.
final thoughts: paris hilton in a jar.
also stephen hawking is hilarious.

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