Sunday, July 13, 2008

tom waits: surrealist hero

the piano has been drinkng (1977)

his early work is beautifully surreal, amazing absurd, and decadently guttural.

emotional weather report (1976)

nighthawks at the diner (1975)
one of my favourite albums, excellent reference as well.

asacp awards speech (2001)

his writing became more literal and abstract as time went on.

rain dogs (unknown)

all the world is green (2002)

i don't wanna grow up (1992)
off the great album "bone machine"
i never have been able to find out if it was named after the pixies song or not.
originally i was just thinking about posting the above song as another "theme song" of mine, however decided to instead share my love of this fascinating man.

waits is so intense and crazy that screamin' jay hawkins covered heart attack and vine.
and if you don't know who screamin' jay hawkins is, then for shame on you!
the appeal of his music goes beyond the offbeat though, i'm quite sure at some point you've heard his song "downtown train"; most likely the rod stewart version though.
as far as tom waits covers go, scarlett johansson is bad and she should feel bad!

lastly in a bit of combined news with another favourite artist of mine, tom waits is said to play the devil in terry gilliam's next film "the imaginarium of doctor parnassus"

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