Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the dark knight

i honestly just considered leaving my review as that joker smile.
because sometime pictures are just so much more expressive than words.

i really liked the dark knight, the joker was amazing, everything came together so well. and it's two and half hours long! there is no such thing as too much batman my friends.

this movie is still number one on imdb, i mean at this point it has more votes than classics like rear window and chinatown. those crazy internet kids. and while this is kind of neat, i really can't say this movie is perfect or "omg teh best movie evar"

one problem i had that carried over from batman begins; christian bale's batvoice.
i'm sorry bale, batman is not a grizzly bear.

kevin conroy is batman
i was pretty sad that they killed off two-face, he was pretty fun and scary looking while he lasted. and other than his death everything else was great about him. his fall as harvey dent, making his own luck with the trick coin. i mean come on, we all believed in harvey dent.

another thing that bothers me, that batman begins exists, i mean tdk blows most other movies out of the water anyway, but this movie is so far beyond the first one. the first one wasn't horrible, it was just slow moving, and that microwave weapon was one of the worst cases of "science doesn't work that way!" i've ever seen.

my last complaint, and this one i don't think was intentional. batman is silly. this movie was trying to go for realism, i mean you could believe in that joker, and it's scary as hell. but that scene when batman meets gordon in the bank vault, batman looks so out of place i almost started laughing.
and while i do find this batcostume ridiculous, i think it goes beyond that to where the idea of a masked vigilante is just silly, not matter how much ass he kicks.

that said i still gave this movie a ten star rating on imdb.

heath ledger's performance as the joker was amazing, he scares the hell out of you, he makes you laugh, he's odd, and you just love him completely (or maybe that's just me) i have to admit i predicted all of his tricks from the disappearing pencil to the bomb in the fat guy, however that doesn't matter, it's the style he pull off these tricks which is the key. i mean watch the way he leaves the hospital in the nurse's uniform as his bombs are going off, the way he waits for the last large explosion, it's brilliant. he is chaos, he is a force beyond nature.

harvey dent/two-face; i've never been a fan of harvey dent, he always seemed like somewhat of an asshole in the first place. this version though was quite likable and very sympathetic, and two-face, like i mentioned above was great for the short time he was around. although with that kind of damage i guess it wouldn't make sense that he would stick around for awhile.

while i did predict most of the joker's tricks, gordon not really being dead snuck past me, it was crazy enough i thought they might go through with it. for awhile i was thinking that maybe the driver of prison van was batman, but then i couldn't think of who it would be in the batmobile. turns out they pulled a reverse long halloween on us. it was nice to see gordon alive and well though, and he saved a very stupid batman, good times. i suppose the price of bringing him back was rachel and harvey. that's one trick i learned from joss whedon's dvd commentaries, no one is going to buy a character "coming back" if another character doesn't actually die.

the odd electric hum throughout the movie kept a nice feeling of general insanity.
just felt that needed to pointed out.

the story was great, the characters were amazing, more realistic atmosphere than that of batman begins, it's just a great movie.
and holy shit, who would ever think that a batman movie would be this big?
not the best movie ever, but it's pretty damn far up there, certainly one of the most entertaining.

i believe stan lee has to eat his words about spider-man 3 being bigger than any batman film.

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