Friday, July 18, 2008

watchmen movie watch!

when i first heard announcements of the watchmen movie, i was excited and very skeptical.
it's one of those things you really wish won't get fucked up.
originally it was to be directed darren aronofsky, and that could have been interesting...
then you find out david "solid snake" hayter wrote the screenplay, and he wrote the first two x-men movies... eh. and it got worse from there, he took it out of the eighties and supposedly changed it from ozymandias catching a bullet to him catching some energy ball; a power that dr. manhattan gave to the silk spectre for her birthday...

then in the wake of 300, zack snyder becomes the new director!
i wasn't a fan of 300, that was due to frank miller's story though, it still looked really unique and was quite pretty!
so zack thankfully not happy with hayter's script had someone go over it, put it back in the 80's and hopefully try to keep it as close to comic as possible.

then some shots of the set and the heroes costumes came out, all very neat, the still of rorschach burning that swat agent was my desktop background for awhile.

then yesterday out came the trailer
watchmen trailer

and honestly? it gave me chills.
after all the good comic book movies this year (and i haven't seen dark knight yet!) i'm really looking for this.

sure allan moore wants nothing to do with it, but after the league of extraordinary gentlemen movie, can you really blame him?

that said i really would have loved to see terry gilliam's five hour watchmen miniseries.
oh well.

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