Wednesday, September 30, 2009


despite what this trailer would have you believe, a majority of the film is in french. i posted it instead of the one in french, because it seems a lot from that trailer didn't make it into the finished film.
and now on to the review.

holy shit.
i mean, holy fucking shit.
i loved this movie.
it was advertised as a action comedy, a plot involving jean-claude as himself, an aging, down on his luck actor that get's mixed up in a robbery, and the cops assuming he's the one robbing the bank.
so i put in my queue,because it thought it might be zany and fun. and while there is a lot of comedic moments, that's not what it's about, it's not what i took away. and the only action scene was the opening when he was filming an action movie.
so yes, i was suspecting something lighthearted and fun, instead it's something i still have a hard time coming to grasps with, jean-claude van damme ripped my heart out. as an actor, he touched me emotionally, it's amazing, and i love him for it.
so this movie is mostly him being uncomfortable with his fame, and just him as a human.
the comedy comes from his fans, one of the bank robbers is a huge fan and just hangs out with him, there's a scene where van damme is feeding the bank robbers ideas the villains in his movies used, so it's kind of funny, but most of it was intense and stressful, these people are being held at gun point. meanwhile outside there's a media frenzy, because hey a stars snapped, and fans have showed up to say they still love him. it's goofy but not unrealistic. the scene that makes this all work is this six minute speech jean-claude gives, while sitting there with the other hostages, he levitates above the set, and gives this heart wrenching story of who he his, and how he feels.

just damn.
i love his existential crisis.
his dream came true, and yet he feels it's a hollow existence, he knows he hasn't changed the world in any meaningful way.

and there's something just great about an action star talking about how life is too beautiful to waste.

van damme aside, i was impressed with the movie itself. the action scene at the beginning is fun, the soundtrack is amazing, the colours, the way it's paced. it honestly makes me quite sad the directors first movie virgil, isn't available on netflix.

other than the speech, another great scene is near the end when the s.w.a.t. team comes in and jean-claude is taken hostage by one of the robbers, the film kind of skips and van damme uses some awesome karate moves to take down the guy, the crowd cheers and he high fives the s.w.a.t. guys, hilarious. then it goes back to the reality, nothing near as elegant or fun.
also the very end, while predictable was quite cute, and left the movie with the right tone.

the only other thing i can say about this movie is watch it for yourself, seriously.

five out of five

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