Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new to me

some great bands i've just discovered

florence + the machine

she's got a bit of a tori amos/bat for lashes vibe about her. a bit of kate bush as well.


on art brut's latest album they have a song about discovering the replacements.
i could write the same song about this band, seriously how did i not know about them until now?
that song is far more accessible than the rest of their stuff i've heard so far...
fucking brilliant music though.

new young pony club

cutesy synth pop with sexuality. i dig it.

brandon patton

he's a member of mc frontalot's band. his newer stuff is more exciting than this song, not that this song is bad or anything, just be sure go to his website, and check out the song rockets.


a folk punk band with a lot of influences from middle eastern and indian music, it's quite interesting, a bit like gogol bordello i suppose. this is my life is a song you must hear.

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