Saturday, October 3, 2009


i honestly don't have too much to say about this movie, i''ve been a fan of danny boyle, ever since i saw a life less ordinary. and as a filmmaker he just keeps getting better.

this is a pretty standard sci-fi horror flick, the ship with the foreboding hallways, the voice of reason nobody listens to. the evil that's never really seen, everybody dies, and so on.

i'm going to break it into what i liked, and what i didn't.

the visuals are quite nice, they did a great job making the sun look magnificent, awe inspiring, and i really love how it became an obsession to some.
the characters all had distinct personalities, and that all of them (well almost all of them) were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team set the mood perfectly. much like in 28 days later, the actual "bad guys" were the military dudes, not the zombies, much like the chance of failing is the real enemy in this, not mr. brightside. it really gave the sense of urgency in completely their mission, how vital it was for mankind. i liked how the psychological aspects of space travel were handled with the earth room, and how the air was generated by onship plants. that's the future i want. the score was also beautiful, and some of it was done by underworld, with whom danny boyle fans should be familiar.

the burninated captain of the first ship. not that his existence was wrong, it was a good twist and he was frightening, but the whole solar flare thing everytime he was around, at first it made sense, kappa's vision was messed up from looking into the sun room, but at the end it was just like, "oh come on!" although it is probably for the best you don't get a better shot of his skin sloughing off. his whole religious shtick did make him all the more frightening though.
the darkness of the ship, of course bad things are going to happen in dimly lit hallways! i can understand them wanting to show the lack of the sun, but they did that by eliminating warm colours from the pallet, i mean while florescents are bright, they're still cold, and more importantly artificial. brighten that ship up, no wonder why they were all so edgy.

in the end it was a enjoyable film, kappa's last moments were a bit grandiose, but hey he earned it. and i really liked the last shot of the sun coming back from earth.

four out of five

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