Friday, October 9, 2009



i have a few issues with this story, like many stories of grandeur, it makes the lead, mr. khan, out to be a bit of a jesus figure. and puts a lot of his strength and power through divine right.
it did have payoff though in that last battle that was pretty neat. and i did like the soothsayer and monk fearing him. they were good ideas, they just seemed shoehorned into this tale.
my other issue is with his wife, i mean sure, in real life he did go and save her from the merkits. however, in the film she seemed the source behind most of his decisions, telling him what to do. i mean, we're to believe temujin is a brilliant and cunning strategist, and yet we only see this a few times in the movie (most noticeably the end), every other time it's luck, divine intervention, or just doing what his wife tells him to do. eh. then there was that whole weird bit where he's being held in a cage by the tanguts and his wife becomes a groupie of a dutch rock band in order to reach him. it was just odd.

the only other complaint was the battle special effects, the blood was just cartoony, and it was a laughable when he threw a spear and stuck that guy to the wall.

i'm willing to forgive this movie for it's sins though, the locations were beautiful, the costumes, props, and sets were of amazing quality, and most importantly it was an enjoyable tale. i do admit though, i have a huge obsession with mongolia and it's nomadic tribes, so i knew i'd likely enjoy this film. and hey, it even had throat singing!

oh yes, and this movie is set up to be the first part of trilogy. so let's hope for the best there.

four out of five

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