Thursday, October 15, 2009

17. if it was you


i first discovered these canadian twins back in the gloury days of napster, you know before metallica ruined everything. i came across the song my number and was blown away. i got a couple other of there songs as well, frozen, proud, and the sublime this is everything.

i feel this music is in great contrast to the more pop sounding stuff they're putting out now:

not saying i didn't enjoy the con, it's a great album, however i tend to prefer their older sound, so why did i pick if it was you over this business of art? because it's a great transitional record, it was before they got super poppy, and before they ditched a lot of their old sounds and ways of singing.

also it contains the song living room:

and that's about it, this album contains my favourite song by them, some of their best lyrics, catchy songs, and it's just important in the transition of their sound.
i heart me some tegan and sara, and you should too.

i'm really looking forward to their new album sainthood.
you can check the single hell on their myspace.

i want a house on the beach, and you in my dreams

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