Friday, October 9, 2009

18. fur and gold


i love bat for lashes.
there is something mystical about her.

i first heard of her thanks to mr. skullhead of kol fame. actually, skully and co. have introduced me to a lot of music over the past three years, however bat for lashes is still my favourite of the bunch.

it was this song that first drew me in,
and honestly, music doesn't get better than that.
her music is just beautiful and haunting. and while i've listened to it, i'm actually quite ashamed i don't own her newest album. the songs off it have failed to grab me the way trophy did, or the ways tahiti, what's a girl to do, and prescilla followed up on that. it does seem she managed to keep her unique sound while expanding into synth and electronica however, which is interesting.

fur and gold, is just a brilliant album from start to finish, never a lull. it starts out strong and ends, well it depends. originally it ends with i saw a light, an epic song to be a sure, but the american release ends with i'm on fire, a chilling cover of the boss. they both work well to wrap up the album, slow paced and beautiful, not ending with a bang, just fading out, leaving you to reflect.
the album is an experience to be sure.
forget best female musician, bat for lashes is one of the best musicians out right now.
and this album is irrefutable proof.

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