Tuesday, October 6, 2009

dead man

i love this movie, because it shows the wild west for what it was, dangerous and disgusting.
the fact that it's directed by jim jarmusch, stars johnny depp, and has a soundtrack by neil young just make it that much more amazing.

the story is this, meek accountant william blake moves out west, for he has nothing left back in cleveland. he arrives in hell, an idustrial factory surrounded by a wretched hive of scum and villainy, only to find out he has no job. that night he finds some cheap booze and woman that sells paper flowers. he ends up spending the night with her, only to have her ex walk in to try to get back together. her ex tries to shoot blake, but she gets in the way, the guy is now in shock and blake grabs her gun and fire twice before finally hitting the other guy. at this point we find out the bullet went through the girl and into blake. in a panic he jumps out the window steals a horse and heads off.

we next see an indian taking a knife to his wound "stupid fucking white man." and he informs blake that the bullet is too far in and close to his heart, blake is effectively the walking dead. the indian, who goes by the name nobody, freaks out when he hears blake's name, and starts quoting the poet. we find out over the course the movie the indian was abducted and taken to england when he was young, a sort of savage child freak show attraction. after mimicking them hoping they would lose interest, they actually gained more and sent him to school, where he discovered william blake. so nobody now believes blake is the spirit of the poet, and that the gun shall be his new art, in a quest to rid the west of the white man. they adventure together, kill iggy pop, and many other white men, and each have their own respective vision quest.

their goal as they meander west is to send blake back into the spirit world, yet they keep running into different law men and other people out for blake. it was assumed after he left that he killed both the man and the woman. and more importantly he stole a very good horse. blake eventually gets into his roll, letting his killing be his poetry, and actually gets good at it. in the meantime there's an insane cannibalistic bounty hunter tracking blake and nobody, who, until he killed him, had a companion that sounded far too much like tom waits.

it ends as you would expect it to, and ties back to cripsin glover's creepy, and at the time nonsensical speech from the beginning of the film.

it's a beautiful and surreal movie, what more can one ask for?

five out of five

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