Friday, October 16, 2009

the wicker man

you know, i wasn't expecting this movie to be a musical, and honestly it is, those pagans are a joyous and musical people. and i've always firmly believed that people are scarier when they sing at you.

also this movie is further proof that christopher lee should be the villain in everything.
not that i'd call lord summerisle or the pagans villainous really. i mean sure, there is that whole human sacrifice business, but otherwise....

so this movie is christianity vs. pagan beliefs. we've got the uptight christian cop and an island full of sexual, dancing naked in the flames pagans. hilarity ensues. okay not really, the cop feel isolated and you can tell the islanders are playing with him, it's all very creepy. that fact that always burst out into joyous song doesn't help.
the suspense comes from him looking for a missing girl that everyone on the island claims doesn't exist, then caught in their lie they all claim that she's dead. constant lies and a stressed out protagonist. although i didn't really feel for him too much, he was pretty pig headed and too easily disgusted and outraged by the pagan beliefs. and there in is the problem, his intolerance and disgust of these people's beliefs. although i suppose christopher lee does tell him the christian god is dead "he had his chance"

this movie works because of how out of place the cop feels on this alien island, everywhere he goes he isn't welcome, but his beliefs push him on anyway. people laugh, lie, and sing at him, as he tries to continue his investigation.

the scene where the landlords daughter tries to seduce him is haunting and beautiful. she's naked in that video, just so you know.

so yes, as he continues on his crusade to rescue this little girl, convinced now that the heathens are going to sacrifice her to save their failed crops. well as it turns out, it was all a clever ruse, and a fool virgin that would willingly come is the ideal sacrifice. oh snap.
so the film ends with morose christian prayer vs. joyous pagan singing, fire and sundown.

it's a damn brilliant film, the music, the suspense, the references to old pagan beliefs, the acting, all of it is great.

five out of five

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