Wednesday, October 7, 2009

19. she wants revenge


it took me awhile to buy this album actually, i mean sure i loved the song tear you apart, but how did i know the rest of the album was just as good? it also came out the year i wasn't buying and cd's with fbi warning's on them.

it pisses me off that something that ugly gets printed on cd's. it's like i'm being punished for legally purchasing music, fuck that. coheed and cambria's from fear through the eyes of madness is a great example of this, it not only has the warning on the sleeve, and the tray, but on the fucking cd itself. maddening. my boycott lasted about a year and a half, then i realized most of the bands i'm interested in don't have that shit on their cd's and i shouldn't deny myself the few good mainstream albums. and so i finally broke down and picked this cd up for nine bucks, and it quickly became an album i keep in heavy rotation.

it's like they condensed all the dark sexuality of the cure and depeche mode.

i sadly haven't listened much to their latest album, i gave it a play through on myspace and it didn't hit me as noteworthy, but fbi warning aside, it did take me awhile to finally break down and buy this album. so i'm sure i'll eventually give it a few more listens.

there's not much else to say, this album is damn sexy, and i love it so.

you can occupy my every sigh

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