Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the best of buffy

so it being october and all, i decided i'd start out the themed reviews with a list of my top eleven (ridiculous i know) episodes of buffy the vampire slayer.

these are the episodes that made the series for me, that encompass all that is good.
or just star xander really.

in chronological descending order.

11. tabula rasa

'nuff said?
just a funny episode with everyone trying to figure out who they are. well literally, their minds being blank slates and all.

10. once more with feeling

joss whedon needs to write more musicals.
great music, great story, buffy finally let's out her secret, in song even. and sweet, one of the best villains ever, actually wins and gets away. the first time i was watching the episode, i was afraid whedon would do some shock killing of sweet for laughs, glad he didn't go that route.

9. the replacement

i'm bad ash, and you're good ash.

i was never sure which line was better. "good, bad, i'm the one with with the gun" or "i'm not that good."
i don't think it was until seeing the above scene in the opening credits that i realized how much nicholas brendon reminded me of bruce campbell. and hell that scene above was good enough to be in the opening title for the rest of the series, just a fun episode with a great twist. and yes xander.

8. restless

i love dream episodes, they allow more freedom, a journey away from the norm.
a fun and nightmarish episode.
i think giles singing in this lead to the musical.

7. hush

6. fear, itself

just another episode exploring everyone's worst fears and nightmares. and the ending was cheesy in that whedon charm sort of way, it's an all around great episode.

5. earshot

i never understand why people want the ability to read people minds. this episode illustrates one of the reasons why i feel that way. i mean there's that and the fact that i doubt you'd be able to sort through the information in any meaningful way, the mind doesn't just operate in words, and what interest is there to people on the top level of consciousness?
also, xander walking in on the lunch lady might be the funniest moment in the whole series.

4. doppelgangland

uh, evil willow is hot. also notable for the first use of the phrase "bored now"

3. the zeppo

i didn't start watching buffy until some time in the last season. i had caught a few episodes here and there but they never really interested me that much. and then i caught a rerun of this episode and was hooked.
it's screwball at it's best, it's also the right mixture of horror, humour, and h-suspense.
it told me everything i needed to know about the characters in order to get into this show and love it from there on out.

2. bewitched, bothered and bewildered

well said t-rex, well said.

1. the pack

honestly i don't think the show would have made it without this episode. the first season was goofy and mostly forgettable.
although i don't think the puppet episode is as bad as some people claim.
this is just a dark episode, xander is possessed and becomes a threat, and he's supposed to be the lovable goofy one!
it's just an awesome episode. and has a great soundtrack.

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