Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hey! You got coming of age romance in my zombie movie....
In the first few minutes of this movies, i was afraid it was going to be painfully stupid, but after the rocky start, it went into an excellent and violent intro (almost as good as the intro in JCVD), and everything was good to go when Harrelson's character came into the picture.
There's honestly not too much to say about this movie, it's funny, dark, gory, and has a few cute moments, like Little Rock explaining Hannah Montana to Tallahassee. i also really loved that touch, that they went by location instead of name.
And the Bill Murray cameo was by far one of the greatest random cameos ever.
i actually finally decided to sit down and watch this movie, because i read an interview with Bill Murray that mentioned the line about him regretting Garfield.
He claimed the only reason he agreed to Garfield it because he thought the Joel Cohen that wrote it was the Joel of the Coen bros.
Odd as it doesn't explain the sequel, but that's Bill Murray for you.
Bottom line, the movie is an enjoyable teen romance with zombies.
Watch it if you haven't.

four out of five

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