Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Oh Banksy, you lovable rapscallion you.
i went into this movie only knowing that it was a documentary Banksy made about a guy trying to make a documentary about Banksy.
Hilarity ensues.
While i had heard of most of the street artists featured in this, i never had heard of the focus of the movie, Mr. Brainwash.
Basically, he's an eccentric French man that never went anywhere without his camera, and by chance he stumbles into the world of street art and managed to film some amazing things.
He meets and records various artists around the world, and eventually meets the elusive Banksy, and Banky lets him into his world.
It's hilarious because this goofy French guy is in a world of his own, someone comments that they're not sure if he's retarded or not. This is exemplified in a scene where Banksy shows him the Princess Diana money he made, and explains how he never did anything with it because he didn't want to be accused of counterfeiting. After explaining that, the Frenchman asks "Did you make these?"
Once Banksy realizes this guy is nuts, he encourages MBW to go do some art of his own, and to let him have all the footage he's recorded over the years.
After this, the birth of Mr. Brainwash happens, and he hires artists to make his art for him and has a huge art show, and makes ridiculous amounts of money on his factory made art.
And it all comes down to the title of the movie, the marriage of consumerism and art.
It's a great movie in that it shows a lot of footage of street art being made, and that it introduces the world to this crazy little French man.

"I used to encourage everyone I knew to make art; I don't do that so much anymore." - Banksy

five out of five

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