Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a really clever movie, basically some nerdy engineers accidentally discover time travel, use it to manipulate the stock market, then start messing around with thier time line. Moral dilemmas akimbo!
And that's the main issue, two men, stumbling into a world of moral choices as children, they've never had to make decisions that could change so much before.
I had heard a lot of talk of the timeline being hard to figure out, but it plays it mostly linearly through Abe's perspective.
At the end we have drugged Abe and original Abe, crazy Aaron, hooded Aaaron, and drugged Aaron.
The two that are drugged belong in this timeline, original Abe is going to watch over them and make sure they don't continue this loop of insanity, hooded Aaaron is narrating the story, and tired of the whole deal, and the original Aaron, the crazy one, is building new time machines in some other country.
It's an interesting take on scifi, that something in the science is so awe inspiring that it the characters obsess and worship it. Much like the sun, in, well, Sunshine. I suppose it's a more interesting look into the dangers of science than: Man plays god, man dies.
I also really love that the movie never explains how Granger managed to come back, with the whole thing with the gun at the party, it's easy to make a guess, but the fact that it's impossible to know is nice.
What's really amazing is that this was the director's first movie, and that he managed to make it with only seven thousand dollars.
I really look forward to seeing more projects from Mr. Carruth, because this movie was really solid.

four out of five

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