Sunday, March 27, 2011

Enter the Void

This movie is literally a trip. Really, it's about a small time drug dealer in Japan's experience with DMT. And it's entirely shot from his point of view. Not long after the movie starts, he smokes up and we have a scene that puts 2001 to shame. Then he supposedly comes out of it, goes to sell some pills, and gets shot by the police. That's maybe the first twenty minutes, the next two hours are spent zipping around in his out of body experience, life memories, and nightmares.
The last visit to the carwreck that killed his parents is likely going to haunt me the rest of my life.
Now, once our drug dealer gets shot, we don't know what's going on, is he still tripping from the DMT, is this just his dying dream (it is mentioned in the film that it's a theory that human brains release DMT upon death), is it an actual out of body experience?
The only certain thing is that he gets shot, and we get treated amazing feats of visual stimulation.
This is cinema porn.
i'm not sure how they filmed this movie, it's stunning and brilliant in so many ways.
i honestly think this is the film of the times, it's something that could have only been made here, in the now. This is us.
And while i don't think this movie is going to inspire a rash of first person films (at least i would hope not) i do think it's going to be hugely influential.
It's hard to think of any other film that's captured the voyeurism of movies so aptly.
i'll leave you with the opening credits and the audio and visual treats they entail:

five out of five

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