Monday, May 16, 2011

the Living Wake

Mike O'Connell, writer and star of the Living Wake, recently came to my attention thanks to this hilarious music video, What's it Gonna Be? That video has so many things going for it, it's catchy, O'Connell is hilarious, it features Dr. Ken Jeong as his wingman, and it's not that far off from being an Electric Six song. So this lead to me googling him, and falling in love with his voice (his annunciation is fantastic!) i could listen to him talk about Cabbage Patch Kids all day. Eventually, obviously, i discovered the trailer for the film the Living Wake, and it looked amazing. Even better, it was streaming on netflix!

The movie follows K. Roth Binew on the last day of his life, and we get a brief glimpse into his genius and odd the world he inhabits, i quite like the way the description of the trailer on youtube puts it "The Living Wake is a dark comedy set in a timeless storybook universe." You really can't tell when or where this movie take place, and this suit the movie just fine.

It's a fairly simple story, as he gets closer to death, he starts doubting his life and his intentions, fearing he was only feigning being an artist and genius. By the end though, he realizes his life was worth living, he lived how he wanted to and enjoyed it, and that's all that matters. The quirkiness of this movie goes a far way, as does the general enjoyment of the brillance of K. Roth. Though i must admit the movie is a bit rough around the edges, has some pacing issues, some lines that don't quite work, but overall it's still worth watching. It's a damn funny movie, and hell it even has a couple musical numbers.
And in case the movie isn't enough, there's K. Roth's youtube account, full of deleted scenes from the movie and glimpses into the everyday life of K. Roth and Mills:

four out of five

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