Tuesday, November 10, 2009

15. you forgot it in people


when this album first came out, i was hearing all sorts of great things about it, mostly from people's whose musical taste i generally trusted. so i rushed out and bought it, and was completely disappointed.
i don't remember now why i didn't enjoy it, perhaps the sound varying so from track to track, perhaps my tastes weren't highly refined yet.
obviously this album eventually grew on me, and it all started with the track anthems for a seventeen year old girl.
over the years i've actually introduced many seventeen year old girls to that song (it's sort of like how i listen to explosions in the sky on independence day.) it's not my favourite, but i love it because it's so unique, it was the first of the songs to stand out to me, the first to make me realize there was something good here.
and it grew from there and i was finally forced to admit this was a damn amazing album.

it's eclectic in it's sounds, the lyrics are odd and poetic, it's beautiful and mellow, perfect for putting on and getting lost in the music.
i love it so.

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