Monday, November 9, 2009

ginger snaps

oh look, another movie where the female lead goes all evil and sexual when turned supernatural.
in this one it's tied with puberty!
but holy shit is this movie amazing, i've been hearing great things about it for years, so now i feel like such a fool for waiting so long to see it, it made for great pre-halloween viewing though, so there's at least that.
this movie is spectacular, it's creative, odd, sexy, disturbing, and most importantly; funny and scary.
it's scary in the sense that the characters are well developed, and you actually care what's going to happen to them. you just feel for them, and that's what's important for scary movies, random people dying and gore isn't really scary.
it's also clever because of the whole werewolf, lunar cycle, menstrual cycle thing, and how the werewovles actually work, she was becoming more and more wolf like as the movie progressed, fur, tail, heterochromio (which was hot) and even additional nipples! hilarious.
it was also mentioned the wolf that attacked her had a human circumcised penis, they're not pretty beasts.
werewolves have always been one of my favourite creatures of myth and horror movies, and this movie is fun and damn amazing, check it out if you haven't.

there's apparently also a sequel and a prequel of sorts, i have my doubts as if they'd be any good, but then again i had the same doubts about this movie, so who knows, perhaps next halloween (or whenever i get over my horror movie burnout)

five out of five

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